Meet the Coaches


Jill Mintz-Hodyl

Jill Mintz-Hodyl is the owner and founder of Lace’Em Up Skating, a privately owned, ice skating school that offers a “FUN” ice skating experience for the greater Denver area. 

She has over 19 years of professional coaching experience and has taught at every level ranging from beginner to senior. Jill is PSA rated in group and freestyle and a level 1 and 2 Hockey certified instructor. She is passionate about developing confident skaters, celebrating health, and promotes skating as a lifetime sport to share with friends and family.

Jill has a reputation for outstanding customer service, teaching strong skating fundamentals, and is most popular for her contagious energy, confidence in her team, smiles for miles, and high five coaching delivering results. Jill is a well-respected United States Figure Skating coach, a proud member of the Professional Skaters Association (PSA), and an Extreme Leader for the Extreme Leadership Institute.

Jill’s motto is to “Do what you love in the service of people who love what you do,” a favorite quote from Steve Farber’s book, “The Radical Edge”. 

Viktoriya Fedorova Skating Coach

Viktoriya Fedorova

 Viktoriya started ice skating at the age of 5 in Russia. She has many years of experience in competitive figure skating. In 2014 she began coaching technical edge skating for hockey players, providing the highest level of skating and edge work to kids from an early age. 

Her goal is to both teach and extract the potential out of every skater, to improve and develop their self-awareness, self-improvement, and confidence on the ice.  She trains skaters on power skating techniques including: Balance, efficiency, speed, agility, and confidence.  She is both USFSA Certified and PSA Certified as well as being certified in learn to skate and learn to play hockey. From 2014 to 2016 she was the technical edge skating coach for Evolution Junior hockey team (WSHL). Since 2014 she has primarily coached figure skating for Lace'Em Up Skating.